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Heavenly Hybrid 2nd Grow: Blackberry Kush, Coco Grow, LED450

Heavenly Hybrid

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Today I jump back in the tent with my 2nd ever grow! :slide:
I got my seeds started under a smaller 75w LED light, just to get them going, then after they sprout a bit, they’ll be cozy under my Viparspectra LED 450w.
This time around I’ll be using a coco and perlite mix, but for now they’re tucked in for the night in some peat pellets on a 18/6 schedule, feeling the warmth and beginning their journey towards the sun. :yummy:
In a couple weeks, I’ll be adding some General Organics nutrients (from the GO Box).
And now, for the most exciting part (at least to me) this grow’s flavor is.... Blackberry Kush, from I love growing marijuana seed bank.
Training for these beauties will be my first attempt at quadlining. #quadsquadjrleague
Lol, wish me luck and I’m happy to have you along for the ride!


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Heavenly Hybrid

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Oh I’m here for sure HH ! Looking forward to round 2 ! Glad your healing well and have the support you need for a strong recovery !
Thank you kindly Dutch! Very glad to have you aboard! I’m hoping to get some big ol Spears this time around!

Combo break! :)

Looking forward to round 2 :thumb:.
Thank you Shed! Can’t have a good grow going without my buddy Shed!

Heavenly Hybrid

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Heavenly Hybrid

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Are you expecting some purple as far as color on the leaves/buds?
All I have to go on is the picture on my seed bank website. It looks like it’ll be more purple than my last one for sure. Genetics are the #1 variable for colors, so I’ll let ya know in a few months! :D

Heavenly Hybrid

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We’re 1 of 3 today! I’ve been obsessively watching this girl push through the dirt all day :laugh: way to go little girl! You made it!
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Heavenly Hybrid

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Yeah.... Waking up to baby picture....
:cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:made my day!!!!
Go baby grow :circle-of-love::circle-of-love:
Haha! I love it Birdie!! You make me smile! :5:

Whoop whoop @InTheShed!!

Hope to bring some more good news later today or tomorrow for the other two. :circle-of-love:
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