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Heavy weight seeds


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hello all im new to the forum and i was advised to place my question here and maybe get some anwsers..i been reading on "heavy weight fruit punch" strain? the genetics are same as Reserva privada's silver bubble..my question is does this one yeild like the breeder stats or anything close to it?

Single Heavyweight Fruit Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds

GENETICS: Skunk x Haze x Northern Lights
TYPE: mostly sativa
CBD: 1.2%
THC: 22%
HARVEST: 55 days indoors/outdoor end of September
HEIGHT: 100-160cm
INDOOR YIELD: 600+ gr/m2
OUTDOOR YIELD: up to 1000g per plant


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I've got some seed ordered. It will be my next grow. When I get it started I'm gonna journal the grow. I will let you know how it comes out for me.

devils letuce

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im also about to pop one in 3 days ...cant find much info on them


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im also about to pop one in 3 days ...cant find much info on them
sweet keep us informed on how well it grows etcetc..idk if i want to go with this strain or with reseva privada silver bubble

Its totally dependent on growing environment. 600+ gm/m2 is in an optimal environment.

yes i know that but if i can just get half of whats listed then i will be happy,plus i havent seen many grows from heavy weight so i wanted to know about growth vigor and ease of growth..like with bomb strains i have grew all are so easy and never casued one bit of trouble
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