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I uploaded them to my members gallary but how do I put them here??
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I open two pages. One to my gallery and one to my journal. I copy the link for my photo( shown under the photo in it's own box). I then switch to my journal page, Then I click the add image button on top of the type message box( it looks like the mountain with a postage stamp in the corner). I delete the http that comes in the box and paste my link. You can do this as many times as you like.
thanks stully.....I copied and pasted a link here..... Heavyherb Gallery - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery

Btw i was reading and looking at pics of Sour diesel and the leaves on my plants look more like Indica, and sour diesel is supposed to be more Sativa, is that true??? maybe I have a cross or something...whatever they are they smell like diesel already even tho the tallest one is only about 10" long.
does anyone else think they look like indica????

this was more of a test to see if I could put and image here LOL but does anyone else think these look like "Sour Diesel"? :Rasta: COOL it worked I am a bloody Genius lol
I'd say the white box does not look like sour diesel.

thats funny when i click on it i see the picture...whats up dude are you playin????LOL :Rasta:
thanks, I just looked at your magic crystal from clone pics ......looking real good. yesterday i ordered a t-5 light panel with 6 tubes in it....3 grow tubes and 3 bloom tubes so I guess its like full spectrum. Ive got them on 18/6 cycle for now what do you think, will that do the trick? and when should I go to 12/12 cycle?
How much room you have will decide that for you. when you are about 1/3 -1/4 of the way to your height restrictions, you will want to hit it. Try tying them down or supercropping them to help them bush up a little. The light sound like it will do the job. I got to get a flouro set-up for my veg room. Did you get a good deal? Lastly, I'm still relatively new to growing, but I read in a ED Rosenthal book( and he's pretty much the man), that the longer you veg, the higher the thc level. Although, he says it does kinda reach it's peak at around 5-6 months. So, I say, veg as long as you can.

edit: before I get smashed obviously genetics play a huge role in TCH levels and environment and all the other good stuff.
very good info stully....i dont think ill want to veg that long tho maybe a month or two or sooner if they get too big and yes i did get a good deal on the 6 tube light got it for 200 bucks real good deal everyone else wanted close to 300 for it :ganjamon: now as soon as my Fox farm bat guanno soil gets in I can re-pot in bigger pots and these girls will explode with new growth ill bet, cant wait to see them take off......



I sure hope these pictures work....dont know if i did it right but here goes..........these are pictures of the new light panel and showing how the plants are really starting to branch out and get bushy, will re-pot soon then they should really take off! :grinjoint:
Excelent light setup Heavy. 3 gallon plastic paint pails are what i'd use. Plants will love that. Clean space. Keep a fan on those girls, makes strong stems.
Excelent light setup Heavy. 3 gallon plastic paint pails are what i'd use. Plants will love that. Clean space. Keep a fan on those girls, makes strong stems.

oh thanks for reminding me, will get a Fan soon. I am also getting some bloom tubes for later maybe i will replace half the tubes with bloom tubes when i get them. what do you think, good idea? I was thinking that way its like full spectrum and I dont have to change anything later.....:cool:
ya my soil i ordered is fox farms with the bat guano in it, should be great dirt :ganjamon: cant wait to re-pot
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