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Hector makes THC infused MTC Oil


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I had no idea what lecithin was til I saw it mentioned in this thread. I have to admit I'm happy with my oil and I'm looking to start making CBD topicals and capsules. I just popped a Candida and I'm waiting for a tapper. I'm planning on using Grape Seed Oil for the topical and maybe capsules depending on expense vs Coco. I'll use the Coco oil for edibles, the coconut and chocolate is great without that coconut texture!

BTW: my recipe is super simple.

1 oz ground to 1 cup coco oil. I let it soak/ infuse for at least a week in a boil safe jar. Put in slow cooker on low for a few hours. Use a fine mesh screen to strain the oil. I've found that if you let it sit in a liquid state, after strain, for another week after cooking a small amount of sediment will sink and stick to the bottom of the jar. Two things about that. I bet that stuff will get you ph#@%d up and it prolly tastes nasty! To this point I've been afraid to test that stuff, a concentration of Trichs & Keif soaked in coco oil.
So there's about 3 harvest's worth of trim in there and a half ounce of some seeded weak bud I scored to smoke that turned out I didn't like after all. I'm not entirely sure how much coco oil is in there, but when liquefied, turns into a green soup that moves around easily indicating a good amount of oil to material ratio. Judging from the pics, can you guestimate if more material is needed to make a potent end product? I suppose I could scrounge up another 1/4-1/2 ounce of PC fatten up the pot, but if it's not needed......?
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My guess is you’ll get mild pain relief maybe good for some small dose candies/ gummies.
Consistency looks ok
With using trim, one will tend to get more green colour. If the bud is weak the tincture will be weak, what is put in comes out... I think that is how it’s said
You get out of it what you put in.
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