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Heeeyyyy Smokers


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As my name show, I'm from Indonesia. And where I come from, the best time to smoke is all day every day. I'm new with 420 magazine, so here's a puff to all you guys.

Keep blazing those blunts

Smokin Moose

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Welcome from Australia! I've seen some Indonesian weed in Bali and was very impressed. Sad to say that Indonesia is one of the toughest places to smoke weed in, still having the death penalty for dealers. Have you heard of Schapelle Corby, a young Aussie in Kerobkan Prison for cannabis offences?
I look forward to seeing you participating in our community of stoners.


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Well actually most of indo weed in Bali are crap. The dealers there sometimes mixed it with other kind of grass. If you know someone in Bali to get your weed then i think you'll get the best indo. But if you get it from the street dealers, most of time they're all crap. Yeah I heard about poor Corby, it's so sad that Indonesia full of hypocrites. They all like to smoke, but they don't want other people to know.
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