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Heffay's Brainstorm Haze Experinmental DWC Journal - 2013


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So you flushed and gave nutes at the same time?

Bubba Zanetti

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Never had B. Haze but i have grow several Silver Haze 9 and in every grow except 1(73) i harvest on 85/90 day, in my opinion Hazes tend to slow flower, and to be honest i think some of them will be in the sweet spot @ 95/100 days

PS: KJC nice pics



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Flowering day 76:

-Brainstorm haze has all but completely stopped absorbing nutrients, perhaps only 80-100 ppm per day.
-Beginning to show amber trichomes and most pistils are beginning to turn orange/brown.
-Reservoir has been drained and cleaned, and replaced with solution consisting of 3ML per gallon of 29% H202 and PHd to 5.8
-Plant will be harvested on Sunday morning (Flowering day 80) after having been kept in darkness for 36hrs.


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Kingjohn can you link to the study? Did the lights off 24-48 pre harvest make any sort of difference at all? I havent done this yet but in my mind that extra darkness would let the plant consume more of the sugars it built up. Not at all saying I dont believe you. I just enjoy the science involved in growing because I like to make correlations and would love to document everything without it possibly being used as evidence against me in the future by a "peace officer"

David Bowman

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us.

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