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I been growing for about 2 years its the only medicine that helps me for my back pain thats why i choice to grow it because were im at will cost me lots and lots of money and i dont work so you get the.picture i love helping others in need feel free to ask if i got the.right answer i will give.it.to you if i dont.have it.i will ask for.you to get the right answer i have good people here with some experience so feel free to.ask ok.much.love.to all cannabis growers and users?and thank you :420: For this web site
Welcome tempo1983! It appears you are already familiar with this site and have more growing experience than I do.... So... I'll just say again~~WELCOME!
wassup man :welcome: 2:420:

allays good to see some more experienced growers on the site.helps us all learn different stuff .. i also smoke to help with back pain i have a back disease called Ankylosing spondylitis big fancy word to say my neck is fusing to my back and my back is like a bamboo pole .. il check your journal out !
thank u sir ! :439: