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Hello 420, Zoot Is Here!


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Hey all.
Im In the UK the concept of 420 isnt really known round my ways, Although i enjoy Spreading the Word... @ 4.20 on the 4-20 i love to smoke a giant Zoot to celibrate MJ..

Im a semi-experianced grower ( I say semi because know one likes a know it all lol ) Iv been in the game for near on 10 years, Iv done big grows iv done small grows, Not really into cash cropping more into spreading the love with a few friends on a nice evening!! Plus i hate the fact i dont know where my bud is coming from.

Im currently doing a grow and am in week 4-5 of flower, I will be posting a thread and hope that you guys can join in and keep my company!!

Much Love Zoot!!


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Re: Hello 420, Zoot Is Here!!

Welcome to, 420Magazine. Glad to have you a board look forwards to some of your post...:thumb:

MV... :popcorn:


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Re: Hello 420, Zoot Is Here!!

lol watsup man hope u enjoy and find every thing u need this site is awsum
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