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I'm Just a farmer that has a passion for cannabis cultivation & breeding. I've been growing since September 12th 2001. This day was my first ever harvest, less then 24 hours after 9/11... (Smoked allot that day)

"I live in the sticks and grow in high brix" I like to tell people... I came across this website and fell in love. A community just for us Cannabis hobbyists/enthusiasts alike. & we don't have to worry about getting "caught"! After I figure all this out & how to post everything, I'm going to post up a journal. I think allot of you will appreciate what I have to offer in regards to "BudPorn" or "Eye Candy" . I'm astounded by how good some of you are & the knowledge that derives from this website... It seems this website has bred it's own great cultivators over the years.. Simply amazing, all of you! Looking forward to getting to meet some of you and possibly exchange information on cultivating ! :thumb:

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Welcome to the community Bern, this is a one of kind place to share and grow together, Plants and minds...

Hope you can contribute to and learn from all the great folks here at :420: KiG :green_heart:


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Hi Bernard.

As others have said, Welcome to 420 Magazine and the community of members that gathers here!

Similar experience here with stumbling across the site some time ago and just falling in love. SO much information, SO much support from other members and the friendliness of the members is so refreshing and welcome! I look forward to seeing you around the site.

Be well and happy growing.
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