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Hello again, back again : )


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Hello everybody!

I have been a member for a little while, but have wondered off and on of the forum. This has been the only MMJ forum ive ever used, taught me how to grow years back, kept me on track while I was. I don't even think twice about anywhere else.

Lately ive found my self with a loss of inspiration for the hobby. I find that if I sourround my self with good information and growers , it's alot easier to have fun. This is why I am back, a promise to myself to get more involved and serious with the hobby, or just go to the dispensarys instead. I have been at it more than a few years, and there's no reason I shouldnt have perfecto bud everytime. I have had a few plants pull through that have been among the best weed ive ever smoked, and the best hash ive ever had the pleasure of was made myself. I am far from perfecting hash, outta 5 times, only once was it heavenly, the others it was nasty nasty. As far as bud, I know how to get tasty nugs tha glisten, it's jsut a matter of keeping an energy about me for the hobby. Like I barely go in the grow room just to go in there anymore, only if i have to do work, a sure sign that im not stoked about it as i used to be. I'll go weeks without refilling co2' cause i have a crappy attitude hehe. stuff like tht

Anyhow good seeing some of you oldies that I recognize, and howdy to everyone new.
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