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Hello Again!


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Hello everyone! it has been quite a while since i have last been here, things have changed A LOT!! itd be fun to see if anyone i remember are still here on the boards or if anyone would remember me! I have been on hiatus from THC for quite a while now truth be told, i never got out of the scene but have no been smoking myself due to serious medical reasons but have recently come back into the fold. i can no longer smoke anymore...forever.. but i decided to take some recently acquired sugar leaf trim and make some Green Dragon! My first run came out outstanding! one shot and id be properly floored all day and into the next day haha

Now i shall make 3 or 4 more pulls and hopefully have 4-5 bottles worth of green dragon which i will condense even further on a hot plate (never with an open flame!) which will make a fine tincture to put in small amber bottles with little eyedroppers to medicate discretely all day and with out smoking!

Here is what i have to work with
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