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Dandylion K.

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Hello im Dandylion Kincaid a medical grower in southern Nevada las Vegas area and i run a consulting business for New medical grower to learn how to grow and and supply the with a variety of medical strains ready to induce flowering i do not charge but respectfully ask for a small percentage of their crop and i also make runs to hydro store so your face never has to be shown in the store.:thanks:


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Hello Dandylion K. :welcome:
That is a Great thing your are doing.
Way to be Canna Savvy. :31:
Great to have you here Friend.
Please make yourself at home and Enjoy all that 420 offers.
Great Information and Great Friends.
See you :surf: the forums.
:bong: :peace:

bubble grower

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you're gonna like it here. i promise.



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Dandylion Kincaid, :welcome:to 420Mag!!! I know you are fighting the good fight out in Vegas and:thanks: for that. We are here to spread Cannabis Awareness and information across the world. If we can be of any assistance just ask. You should check out some of our grow journals I will recommend a few. They will be happy you dropped by and said hello. Feel free to browse our forums and I let me know how you are doing.
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