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hello all!


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Just wanting to say hello and intro myself to the forum. Just found it a few nights ago. Well to begin with I am nearing 50 on the 24th , been away from smoking weed for most of 25 years , not by choice but by cost and laws and mostly been out of the loop of friends and suppliers I used to have back in the day.I only thought I knew how to grow when I was younger, after reading just some of the threads here I dont know nothing! I wanna learn to grow just for my own use as I suffer from severe pain and depression and anxiety disorder. also looking for something that may help my sex life seriously.I have lots ?s . My wife has a great green thumb and we could keep it very quiet as we tend to be loners. as of right now we are taking care of my 90 yr old mom and the stress is brutal but I would do it all again because of love . ya know what I mean? ok maybe I am getting to personal here so I will just say hello and start reading and asking questions.


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Welcome to :420: lonetoker, the number one internet site fighting cannabis prohibition and promoting cannabis awareness :welcome:

Thank you for sharing your story with us. As Light Addict says, FAQs is the place to go for answers. There are also some great links in the
New Member Start Links thread to help you navigate the site.

I look forward to seeing your upcoming adventure in a grow journal possibly. It's a satisfying and rewarding pastime, plus a whole lot of fun!

:welcome: :Namaste:


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:welcome: I look at it like this; anyone can interact with the ladies, but as we grow and mature we start to be more sensitive to their needs. We learn what they like, what they like to hear, etc. and then we can really reap the benefits! Cannabis is the same way! Anyone can grow a plant, but as time goes on and we gain more experience and learn how to listen to them and fulfill their needs, they respond and repay us tenfold! Ok, enough with the corny analogy's. :goodluck:


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Welcome lonetoker. Good intro. Check out our over 50 thread...plenty of old timers here. I empathize with you about your mom. Until recently I was in the same situation...she passed away in March at 102. I didn't realize and understand the stress level until it lifted after her passing. Best wishes and happy growing.


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Hey Lonetoker!! Great intro and I feel that you will find exactly what you are looking for here. Welcome to 420 Magazine! There are tons of wonderful members of all ages and all backgrounds here and excellent staff and sponsors too! I hope you find 420 magazine your new online home for MJ!

I usually post some helpful links to new members, that will help you find tons of useful information and help navigate the site. Enjoy and Welcome!!

So here is how you get started :)

Here are some useful links that will help you learn about growing, and how to get it right the first time :)
First rule of thumb is, do the research first, if you can't find the answer anywhere, then ask. I can almost gurantee that
The question has been asked before. There are tons of resources and kind and knowledgeable growers at 420 magazine
and I am sure you will find it a great home!

Make sure to check out the forum rules and guidelines. We have a great community here and I welcome you to check out..

Are you new to growing and don't know where to start, here is a link that will teach you everything you need to know :)

If you couldn't find what your looking for in the last link, you can find many of your answers by visiting The Grow Room.

Do you have sick plants that need answers, check out our Problems, Pest's and Disease control forum at
Problems, Pests & Disease Control

Another great way to get started in your new membership is by starting a grow journal. This allows you to document your grow, add photo's
and share your experience with all of us!! Remember to be detailed, so if you run into problems we can help you fix them and have a successful
grow :)

Are you looking to purchase new growing equipment, nutrients, growing or smoking accessories, check out our sponsors!
As a member you can take advantage of specials that are run time to time :)
Sponsors : 420 MAGAZINE ®

Well I hope you enjoy exploring our wonderful community and feel free to make yourself home :)

By the way, don't forget to check out the monthly contests where you can vote, enter, and win prizes!
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Welcome to :420: Lonetoker, there are plenty of useful resources here as the guys above have stated. It can get overwhelming at times but but all the info you need is out there. From my experience, the best way to get specific answers to the issues you may e having with your grow is to start your own grow journal. Icemud provided you a link on the way to set one up in his comment.

I look forward to seeing you around on site.

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I am late on this welcome but better late then never. Nice to see you here posting on 420mag. Keep it growing green..


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Thanks to all for the welcome, I look forward to learning from the gurus!. As of my intro date I found out my mom has stomach cancer and bam!! stress thru the roof, so I may not be able to visit that much but I will be around from time to time when life lets me. this site is huge and a lot to navigate around. I really wanna grow my own but I have to admit a bit scary about trying buy seeds and the postal service, that sorta thing. but anyway thanks again folks I will be around.


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Hey Lonetoker....I am so sorry to hear about your recent news....

I will send my best prayers and blessings of health your way!

Here are some links that might be useful...as we know, cannabis helps destroy cancer and hopefully it can also be helpful for your situation.

Here is where you can find a ton of info about its uses in medical applications.

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