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I've been lurking on this site for the past ohhh 3-4 yrs, grower for about 5-6 yrs.

I'd like to thank

Smoking moose
and everyone else I missed

..for all thier efforts in gathering all the info and insight on this forum.

personal shite

Now I've been self medicating since after highschool. after a wrestling accident that resulted in some sort of pinched nerve that occasionally shoots waves of pain all across my left side.

I got into the idea of growing once my wife switched her meds from paxil. (which I was against in the first place) to lexapro+ativan about the same time my mum had abdominal pain which resulted in an emergency Hysterectomy.

They found (after the surgery) that there was a tumor connecting her uterus to her bladder. (which they cut open during the sugery), She started kemo which her her up. She passed away about 1 year later in hospice, One month before my wedding. I was a few months too late in gathering all the info I needed to start. All I'll say is I would not wish that amount of suffering on anyone. But I did get to say my last words to her before she left us the next morning. I still believe that I could have at least made her more comfortable with the plant that people love to hate.

Now comes my wife, her PTSD completely grips her, She cant drive without calling me at work about 2-3 times a week because She's pulled over on the side of the road, crying her head off. Talking to me seemed to make it a bit better, So she decided to see a shrink (which I also despise). After 6-8 months of "How did that make you feel" and "why do you think that happened", She comes to me wondering why she's not getting anywhere.

So I take her into my office, ( the restroom because of the vent) and as She talked I brought out some plant material and a waterpipe, before we knew it I figured out 3-4 of her issues (in an hour) that she (nor her psychiatrist) could point out in 8 months. since then (and a few more sessions), she has weened herself from the lexapro-ativan crutch (which was tough, believe me).

She's doing alot better for herself. She no longer medicates in any form and now we can plan a family.

Jim Finnel

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....Welcome to 420
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