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We want to :welcome: vetkush to :420:. We are glad that you are here. I will be looking forward to your grow journal. We are telling the world about cannabis and hemp. New Member Start Links is a good place to find many things of interest. Look around and if you have any questions then the Frequently Asked Questions is a good place to look for answers or to ask questions. Have a good weekend. :thumb:


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my name is sven aka vetkush and it is nice to be here and i hope to maybe gave you a repot of my future projecs

:welcome: vetkush :high-five: you chose the best site to learn, share and most importantly (to me),

laugh while sharing & learning from my 420 friends. I'll look forward to your "future project report" try this :48:

Feel free to drop by my indoor/outdoor journal aka "my yard" and say hello, ask anything you'd like, see a cool plant & hopefully,

share something with us, or share a comment. You will get a warm 420 welcome and I'm always happy to have a new visitor or

participator. The link is below, take a peek at "Fluxy Lady in full restraint", browse around, you'll see some

unique pics and informative shares, from new first time growers to some veteran, experienced growers, from all over the world.

This grow style you can see thru the link below, has produced many award winning plants here at 420.

Enjoy the 420 family we have here, you found the best, one big 420 :circle-of-love:
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