Hello everybody


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Hello everybody,
after a trip to Amsterdam and a visit in sensiseed, i decide that i wnt to grow,
i'm growing in a closet, started a year an a half ago.
i started with SKUNK#1 in a small closet.
slowly i upgrade my LAB( i call it lab) also i read a lot books the last one was very good
it called "Growing Elite Marijuana"
my last crop was 3 types of strains from SENSI:
SHIVA SKUNK: this strain give almost 300 gr from two planet in 6.5L container. its very fast 45-55 day.
the profile picture is from this SHIVA SKUNK
WHITE WIDOW and my most favorite SILVER HAZE #9 Feminised.

i took clons from all 3 of them but i mixe them ,
now i have 2 "unknown" (must be one of the 3 above) in 18L container
each of them have like 8-12 huge sticks ,
its 88 days in 12/12 almost ready.
by the time and shape i think it silverhaze#9.


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hi perseus have you started a grow journal yet a would love to see the girls and 300g of one plant bet you were rolling for weeks am on ma first grow and hopeing for on oz of each plant next grow guna try that shiva out all the best m8 ;)
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