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Hello Everyone- Back again and starting over


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Hi there everyone.
I am a current grower. I am starting my growing adventure from a new start. I use to live in Oakland and use to grow on a massive level, when I say that I was growing around 275 plants at a time with a harvest every month. I kept everything in a rotation to keep it producing every month. I ended up shutting down shop a little over 2 years ago for several reasons, first it was due to the fact DEA shutting down so many of my friends and to sum up the other issues was that it was becoming more of a job and less of a hobby. So to be said I was losing the fun and the enjoyment that I recieved from it. I do have training and most knowledge of growing. I mentored under a friend for over year before I started my own grow. I had an investor to help with start up costs. I have moved and after taking time off I have started to get back into growing, but I am taking a new approach on things. I am starting off small and will build up to what and where I want to be at and be comfortable. I will admit I am a bit rusty on my techniques and plan on polishing them up. I am going to try and be involved and post on posts that I feel that I can help. I am also asking for advice and the knowledge from everyone. Every little thing is helpful.
Now to tell you more about me, I do grow obviously I also do medicate. I medicate to keep my temper down as well to sleep. It keeps me down to earth and keeps my mind from worrying.

Here are some pics of my first grow in almost 3 years Hope you enjoy.

CO Finest

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Nice and green. Growing a huge amount in your past this kind of grow should be a walk in the park for you. Nice clean setup. Wish you the best and keep it growing green


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:goodjob: looks like you are on the path to great buds ! nice intro :bravo:

:welcome: CharlieBrown :high-five: try this :48: you chose the best site to learn, share and most importantly (to me),

laugh while sharing & learning from my 420 friends. Always nice to know a new member has some experience to share here.

Feel free to drop by my indoor/outdoor journal aka "my yard" and say hello, ask anything you'd like, see a cool plant & hopefully,

share something with us, or share a comment. You will get a warm 420 welcome and I'm always happy to have a new visitor or

participator. The link is below, take a peek at "Fluxy Lady in full restraint", browse around, you'll see some

unique pics and informative shares, from new first time growers to some veteran, experienced growers, from all over the world.

This grow style you can see thru the link below, has produced many award winning plants here at 420.

Enjoy the 420 family we have here, you'll find no better site!:circle-of-love:


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I really appreciate the warm welcome. I would like to thank you both trichomes and CO finest It is going very well so far had a little mishap while I was out of town, during my time out of town I recieved a phone call that the Money Maker had flopped over due to the top being a little heavy and the stem not being strong enough. I was able to fix the problem by explaining what to do. Now you can tell by the pictures of the smaller plant. On another note I would love to check your posts out and get involved in your grows.


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Charlie8Brown, :welcome: to :420:. We are glad that you are here. I love your pictures. I grow for fun and meds. I can't imagine doing a huge grow personally. It would become work in nothing flat. I am retired and don't want to do any more work than I have to. :19:

Whatever you decide to do, try to keep it fun. :thumb:

I will always keep it fun from now on, it is sort of my goal to keep it that way lol. Thank you I really do appreciate it.
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