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Hello everyone! Compost tea microscope help


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Hey there, I am simply looking for a 3X MICROSCOPE EYEPIECE BARLOW LENS for use with my microscope. I am making compost tea and would like to see what I'm making. Does anyone know where i can find one of these as well as a 2x one? I have found tons for telescopes and on microbeman's web page it has where to get it but they are out of stock. I would prefer to order both of these lenses from the same place. Thank you for any replies!!:thanks:

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I don't know much about lenses. Get yourself a USB microscope for cheap and you can see it on your TV... Hope you get some answers to your questions.

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Grow Journal of the Month: Jan 2019
Thank you for the reply! I figured I could do that but I really prefer to look through the microscope. It should only cost around 30 bucks per barlow lens but I just can't seem to find a good place to get them. I don't think I would get a very good digital microscope for 60 bucks. Thank you again for trying!


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No idea, but welcome anyways :)
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