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Mr gar

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What nutes ya giving her
Canna always at quarter the dose and last Rezz change was 5 days ago and topping off like 2 ltrs of ro every day . Last night I turned the bulb up from 400 w to 600 w and it grew even faster .
Could it be lack of calmag ? Since I am adding the ro i don’t add cal mag before next rezz change could that be it

Mr gar

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Calmag was what I was thinking

I'd up the nutes to like 1/3 dose since yer going into flower soon

And I'd up the calmag a bit for flower, about 1.5 strength, they sart REAL sucking nutes in flower
I was keeping ppm at 700 as when I raid it a bit I saw leaf tip burn just a slight so I backed off and ppm started to rise so u only added ro when I topped off . So by hutch much should I raise the ppm with cal mag with ? I added 2 ltrs agin now and ppm went down to 480 ...

Mr gar

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my nutes are all from canna range
so ishould top it off thne to 1.5
how much cal mag should i add

Mr gar

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Those lookine critters

Search under all the leaves with a magnifying glass
Just did notice all clear ... No bugs or critters ...Been doing some searching on the net and looks like some sort of nute deficiencies but not sure witch one ... how high should I bee keeping the ppm at ? As I added another 2 ltrs of ro and ppm went down to 550 at the moment . And always was keeping it at 700 ppm .. .. ph always at 5.7 to 6.0 ... could it be because increased the light from 400 to 600 and these problems started to occur .

Mr gar

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But do you know what the problem could be ?

I just added 1/2 strength of canna calmag to my solution.

Tomorrow i was going to do a water change and change the bulb to start the flowering phase.

What do yo think ? or should i wait for the plant to settle ?

Mr gar

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I don't go by ppm, can't really judge what's in the mi
Give it a few days, remember bad leaves won't get better, so watch for more leaves turning
hey bud
i am afraid the spots have increased a bit so getting really worried now
i changed to hps today and bumped it down to 400 again from 600 as i noticed this problem started when i turned the light to 600 mabye a coincidence i do know
so yesterday i added another 2 ltrs of ro and raised ppm from 550 to 750 with 1/2 the dose of calmag and enzine and left her at 750 ppm and 5.8 ph and in 12 hrs it raised to 780 ppm and 6.0 ph ....
today i added another 2 ltrs of ro and ppm wennt down to 680 and ph stayed at 6
what do yo think please

Mr gar

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Hello ma
I don't go by ppm, can't really judge what's in the mix

Give it a few days, remember bad leaves won't get better, so watch for more leaves turning[/QUOTe
Hello mate
Just a quick question .All was going well when I changed it to 400 again ... Ppm was dropped so was water level and pH was rising . So I decided to raise the bulb to 600 again . And from yesterday to today it went from 850 to 900 and pH from 5.9
What do you think

Mr gar

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Hi guys,

My plant is drinking a lot of water and the ph level is going up even the ec.
At the moment they are at : ph 6.1 and ec 850.

What should i do ? only add RO water ?

Mr gar

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As you all know, Im on the 2nd try growing. Everything was going well till now.
Spots are appearing on the leaves again, as per attached photo.

Im in the 3rd week of flowering. PH 5.8 and ppm at 900.

Do you know why its always keep happening with my grows or what i can do ?

Im using canna products and feeding them light feeding.
Also im using ro water starting at 120 ppm than adding cal mag to get at 400pm.
Then i start adding nuts.
I have a 400w bulb and is 1 foot away.Temperatures are at 22deg
Now just raised the bulb to2 feet away.




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Do you have a magnifying glass. Pull a leaf that is effected and look at the underside very closely. And @Emilya my friend here is having some issues maybe your knowledge can help him out
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