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Chris Scorpio

Member of the Month: July 2018
If you get the environment under control

Back off the nutes, and eliminate the extra nutes

It should be better

Bigger tubs don't equal better plants

How much bubbler ya got in yer tub??

Mr gar

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changed water yesterday
ph is at 6 and ppm at 1300 that includs the tap water witch is 440 and cal mag rises it too

Mr gar

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They look terrible..lol

Gonna take a week to recover, and damaged ones never will

Did you change the rezz??

How is your water and room temps??

Water pH right now??
room temp is 28 water is 27
ph is 5.9 was 6.0 before light went on ... should i let it be

changed rezz yesterday ...i added 1.5 ml per l of part a and b (50 ml for 35 l )was that ok on the bottle it says 1.5 to 2.5 per l
what do you think ..from yesterday water level went down about 3 cm

Mr gar

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yes everything like you said to be honest i notices the water wend a bit darrk but i never gave the enzyme full stre
even calmag igave full
i did not add pk shold i do so a little or not

Mr gar

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so should with every top up add enzyme as well?
should i let ph drop and then addph up or should i keep it at 6?
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