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Hello everyone to one amazing community

Mr gar

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Guess you will have to test and see what works

I don't use tap, mine is crap like yers
I have a cheap RO system I use to fill my jugs, works great, ppm is 24, pH is 6.5
mine ro is 140 ppm ph is 6.5b also but last few weeks ph wouldent hold so that is why i starsed adding tap and bottle
where you from mate

Chris Scorpio

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Change to a 5gal bucket

I have two 12gal tubs and had pH issues a lot
The 5gal are perfect and never had the issues

But seriously, keep an eye on it, it could also be the nutes your using, maybe research what others have done in DWC with those nutes

Mr gar

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the ppm is rising. Its now at 1480 light came on 6hrs ago and ppm was at 1400
Water level came down by 5ltr

Mr gar

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that was during the water change i clean the rezz whyle draining
how do i lower nuts do i top of with ro and add nothng besides enzimes and cal mag ?
if tomorrow ph is back to 5.5 or lower what should i do during kights off ?
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