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Hello everyone..


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IM new here, just wanted to say hello, i know im on the wrong category but whatever... Been smoking for about 2 years now (im 18). I have 4 bongs, "the hulk" "Little Z" "Nala"(like from the lion king) and then "senor frog" who happens to be the usual suspect when it comes bowl packing time. Then there is the extended family of "the friend" "the light saber" "the fonz" "el bong" "tammie z" (a few of my friends pieces, all worthy of speaking about). I go to school and work full time. what a life. Like to surf when i have the time, which isnt as much as it used to be. Yup. If you like reggae and havent listened to Gentleman, do so. they are my current favorite. Happy smoking. :439:


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wekcome to 4:20, best weed site on the net. you'll find that out yourself if you just look around here. boobs, buds, and some intellegent conversation about everything you can imagine. if it aint here, just put it up on a thread and see what people think. they're pretty open minded. Enjoy, the world is here for YOU!
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