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Hey everyone, thought it would be good to introduce myself to the community since I've been lurking for far too long. 27 y/o male living in Canada, had my first toke when I was 15 but thought it didn't work on me and it wasn't until I had some when I was 26 did I start using on a more regular basis to help deal with anxiety and muscle pain. I don't have a medicinal card or anything since I live in a province that doesn't seem to believe in using it as medicine though it's done wonders for my mood in general. I would say that I am still a newbie as I don't smoke that much and it can really hit me hard when I do and also it's been hard for me to find a reliable source regularly so sometimes I have to go weeks or more without it. So the past few months I've been perusing forums and reading some books on growing in the hopes of maybe doing my own little project in the future when the time is right. So that's that, thanks for checking this out :high-five:
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