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Hello fellow potheads!


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Just wanted to introduce myself...my name is Totty Patron and I am a music artist from Chicago, IL, which recently legalized marijuana for medical use. I support marijuana for medical use, however, I REALLY support for recreational use! Cigarettes, which do ABSOLUTELY nothing to enhance sensor reception or have NO healing properties, are legal and they kill millions of people worldwide every year. I AM one of those optimistic people who believe that we, as the VOTERS, are the most important piece on the political chessboard. Yet our representatives take us for granted, as they are displaying with this current government shutdown. Our voices are NOT being heard! Phillip Morris, Lorillard, and other cigarette manufacturers spend MILLIONS of dollars every year in order to lobby Congress and protect their investments! Yet, all it takes us is a FREE vote on Election Day that we don't take advantage of. Join me in rallying support to elect a marijuana-friendly Congress and begin the road down Highway 4/20 - The Road to legalization! Please feel free to message me or add me as a friend, I look forward to talking to you all! One Love.


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Hi Totty Patron.

:welcome: to :420:!

Couldn't agree more regarding using our votes to make sense of the inane and arcane idea that cannabis should not be just as legal as tomatoes for me to grow in my house or yard. I think most folks would be surprised to learn how many common, ornamental house and yard plants can be toxic or intoxicating if ingested.

I offer my next thought purely to provide a little insight into the community of members and perhaps smooth future interactions. We are a diverse group of folks from all over the world, brought together by different reasons, but with a common cause. That is a love and admiration of cannabis. Some of the folks on this site come as long time recreational users and some for medicinal reasons. I'm aware of several members that until just recently thought of cannabis as a horrible "street drug" to be avoided at all costs, but have found relief of some ailment and are now converts. I offer this only to provide insight that this site does not have a membership comprised solely of long time recreational users like myself that are not at all offended by thinking of our self a "pothead" or "stoner".

Glad to have you join the site and I look forward to your input around the forums.


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Thank You for the warm welcome TanR! I look forward to hearing from you as well!


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Welcome, my friend.
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