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Hello fellow stoners. I'm Buster Bawls, an Aero/NFT grower.


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Hello everyone. My name is Buster Bawls. I've been smoking marijuana for years and I'm new to the site and have been using it for grow information for the past 6 months. I'm in the eastern time zone in a semi-tolerant marijuana state. I recently lost my job due to a layoff in which my job was sent out of state. As unfortunate as this was/ I tried to make the best of it by getting jobs. I have been working for 17 years and was making over 25$ an hour. I never believed the bullshit people and the news were saying about how hard it was to find work until I got laid off and tried. I cannot find anything in my line of work that pays close to that amount. So, I'm taking a new approach. I am 3 weeks into my veg of 55+ plants in my home built aero/nft system, with awesome results. I am growing mostly Orange Crush and 3 ak48's. My grow area is 53"x160"I use an icecap ballast and VHO t5 flourscents and a 1,000w hps Lights, (4) 98"x5"fence posts, 14 gal tub, a 950gpm pump 68mister sprayers, airstones, 300cfm carbon filter, advanced nutrients, ect...I have been taking pictures of the build and grow, and want to wait till my grow is complete before I post a journal with pics. This being my first grow, I just want to apply the knowledge I've accumulated studying these websites and do not wish to get into details or have people telling me what they think would work better. I have read a lot of posts and have determined that there are many many ways to grow awesome bud, and there is no one right way. I have also determined that everyone talks their shit, but not everyone is full of shit. Also everyone loves the smell if their own farts. That being said I hope to be a positive part of this community so we can all have someone to share our stories with.
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