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Hi everyone. I'm Jean, 52 year old who has been using cannabis medically for chronic back pain and insomnia for about 5 years. You would think that I would be an expert by now, but I am Not Weed Saavy. I have a few questions.

What the Hells That Smell - My area is dispensary free, delivery only. When the driver comes to my house, he offers each strain for me to smell. What am I looking for?

Also, at several of the delivery services, you pick your poison from the menu. Unless I happen to know a strain, I usually just ask the phone person what they recommend. How else am I suppose to choose?

Tip Toe Thru The Tulips - Am I suppose to tip the delivery driver?

Cleanliness Is Next To God Damn Impossible - how often do you clean your equipment? What do you use? I have a smallish glass pipe and a couple of sneak-a-tokes.

Thanks for the 411!


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Not sure how to respond, so... :goof: welcome to the forums, whatever your desires are when it comes to information... It's all here, with tons of friendly folks eager to help out. Dive in anywhere, it's always perfect temp.

KiG :green_heart:cheers


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Hi MJ420 (wow, that worked out nice)..

Welcome to 420 mag.

Let's see.....

WTH Smell - You are looking for something appealing to your senses. Smell and taste are senses that are somewhat linked in humans, and somewhat linked in the plant terpene profile. If you've ever wine tasted seriously, then you might have come across a aroma wheels. If not, look it up. It can help you hone your senses. Smell different things, I mean really get to know the aromas. Various citrus, berries, nuts, organic matter, spices, woods etc. Foodies and wine buffs hone their senses. I think we all should.

Picking Poison - Make a list of what they offer and research the strains online. That way you'll know if Bubba Kush is going to be a high or a stone.

Tips - No idea. Never used delivery and haven't bought any in....a long while. Can't remember when now.

Cleaning - There are products you can buy. But for glass pipes I've always rinsed everyday with hot water. In through all orifices. Wipe the bowl out with hot wet paper towel. For tough jobs, rubbing alcohol and either rice grains or course rock salt. Alcohol is the solvent, rice or salt is the abrasive. Plug everything up and shake it like a British nanny. Sorry British nannies. Goo gone and other orange cleaners work for sink clean up if needed.

You're invited to stop by my journal, link below. Or Snids. I'm sure you'll have a good time getting to know people.

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