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Hello from Alberta


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Hello all. I am new to this forum and am a medical marijuana user. Soon I will be getting into growing for my personal MMJ use. So far I have only been lurking around this site and doing research for my future grow op, and I have found a wealth of information so far. Anyways I am delighted to be here and continuing my grow education. When I am starting to set up my grow op I will definitely share the experience as well as sharing at least one grow journal.


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Hi, ryco67, and welcome to 420Magazine.com, the most comprehensive - and friendliest - cannabis-awareness forum on the Internet. Lots of people here to help (and to learn). Don't mind old Fred, crashed out in the hallway between the medicinal use and the growing sections. He was up all night testing a landrace sativa and, well, he ran out about an hour ago ;) .

Please enjoy your time here - and help spread the message!
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