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Hello from CA


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Hi, Im just getting started in my Journey, I have fybromialgia. The pain relieved by smoking is sooooo amazing. :adore: I didnt try "happy place" :bong: as i like to call it until my 40th birthday. A birdie informed me that here in california it was leagel to apply and be approved for the medical program. So here I am.

I enjoy the information you all put together here. I appricate the collective knowlage presented. In advance thank you for making my transision and research much easyer.

Smokin Moose

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Hey matey, you are never too late to join us on the "Mission Express". I am very happy for you that mmj is giving you relief for you illness. Enjoy your stay.


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Welcome 20years2late...glad you choose our forum...we love cannabis and cannabis people, please feel welcome to ask any question...there are a lot of good minds here.:smoke2: I'm vaporizing a nice Platinum Kush in honor of your membership.:peace:


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:hmmmm: I feel a bit deprived of a good thing.. I sure am glad I found MJ. It has changed my quality of life. :bong: the things that make me go hmmmm:hmmmm:

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its good to hear another testimonial about how mmj is helping someone manage their disease.

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I have cerebral palsy, and MJ helps to relieve some of the associated muscle stiffness. Unfortunately, my state doesn't approve of the medical marijuana except to treat cancer. So, I have to sneak around. Glad you found what you need in Cali.
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