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Hello from India


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ello everyone,
Namaste from India - the land of some famous names like manalla hash and tamilan gold (ganja)

very glad to join the community.. returning to the site after ages ( use to post here 4 yrs ago)

good to be back
toke it up !:allgood:

Herb Fellow

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Re: Hello frm India

Welcome! Is that smoke in your eyes?


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mark t allen

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hey from india
i named one of my daughters Kashmir
and the other one indica
i have a neighbor who is curing cancers with THC hemp oil
he is on the hunt for the most resinous and potent plant known to man
he has healed hundreds for free......so have you come across any powerful hemp with loads of crystal that's the power the real medicine of hemp.....but i bet in India they know that.....THC kills cancer cells....and a whole lot more
id really be interested in hearing about India and what you experience...i think it would be very enlightening.....how do they use the hemp for medicine?
thank you ...mark
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