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Hello from Lorain


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Hey all......I'm new to the community and a novice grower. I'm looking forward to learning the best techniques from others. Especially interested in hydroponics.
Drop me a line if you'd like to help me in my quest.
Hoping to hear from you.


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Welcome Ursamajor, there are a lot of hydro growers around the community and i know they would be glad to help you out, if you know the basics i would suggest starting a journal and show us your progress and if your still soaking up the information b4 starting i suggest reading some hydro journals.



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Thanks Green....I'll read the journals. But I'm still very interested in hearing from some locals. Its' nice to have some local resources to learn from.

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Welcome to the forums of 420Magazine,
Thank you for joining 420 mission to spread cannabis awareness... :welcome:

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