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Hello guys, glad to become sponsor of 420 Magazine, hope we, Lumini Grow can supply you advices regarding led grow lights, and hope to learn from professional growers here.^_^:circle-of-love:

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Looks like you need a sponsor tag above your name. Hope to see and read what you have to offer the community, we are appreciative of your commitment to cannabis awareness. Thank you

KiG :green_heart:cheers

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Now you can see 420 Sponsor above my name^_^


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I dig the interface set up you have on your lights and looks to be a well put together product. I am new to growing so not up to speed with a lot of products and had not seen your lights until your post so thank you for posting up.

I struggle to work my dam iphone at times and have to have the kid next door show me wtf I am doing wrong so not sure my dumass could work it but I really like the interface idea/set up LOL
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