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Hello from me!


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Hi everyone,

Been reading through a few forums again over the last few weeks to brush up on my growing knowledge, finally decided this was the one I liked the most as there seems to be a more mature vibe here, registered and here I am saying 'Hi'.

I'm a recreational user, although I am sure my body is greatly benefiting from any medical affects, I'm mostly in it for the side-effects. My mother has the beginnings of skin cancer on her hand and I offered to make her oil, but she would have to pay for the ounce I'd need. When I told her much it cost, she declined. After a few weeks of mild pondering about growing again for her (and me), an opportunity arose that clinched the deal, and I decided to go for it.

I've only grown once before about 4 years ago. Spent months and months researching and trying to make up my mind which way to go, eventually with my brain melting and no clear decision as to what I was going to do, I decided to just germinate the seeds I had and deal with stuff as and when I needed to. Bad idea! Only 1 seed of the 4 I had was viable. Germed her, planted her, broke my heart and my brain on her, and then she turned out to be a he!! I was devastated, tossed him and his topped other half on the compost heap in disgust and frustration, and hung up my growing gloves. It was a good learning experience though and I feel much more relaxed going into this new grow.

I've definitely decided to adopt the KISS technique this time round. I've ordered a tent kit (lights, fans etc), customised to my specs, which should be arriving next week. The set up all seems very straightforward, although I may be asking for help when it comes to plugging in the contactor/relay unit, ballast and light. All those sockets and plugs for one system?? Hopefully it'll be clearer when I actually have it all in front of me.

I have seeds kindly donated by an amazing friend, I'll have to ask him what they are again as I've forgotten, but for this grow I've ordered 3 of DNA's 60 Day Wonder feminised autos. All going well, one plant will be for my mother's oil, one for me and one to experiment on and hopefully not kill, which will also be for me if it makes it :thumb:. I've also ordered Royal Queen Seed's outdoor mix consisting of Northern Light auto, Royal AK auto and Royal Bluematic. All going well, I hope to start these about 4 weeks after the 60 Day Wonders.

The first time round I used Plagron nutes (I still have them but being 4 years old, I wasn't sure if they'd still be ok to use), had a few issues with burn but by the time I unceremoniously dumped them they were both remarkably healthy looking plants. Last time I wasn't particularly concerned about growing organically either, this time I'd like to dip my toe, so I'll be using the Bio bizz range of nutes and their all mix soil. My mother has a water distilling machine, so I'll have as much distilled water as I want, also have access to a local spring which is what we drink (I'm waiting for the pH meter to arrive so I can test it) and of course tap water, which is nasty stuff here, full of chlorine, lime and fluoride, I wouldn't let anything I love drink it!

So that's it from me for now, looking forward to Operation Grow 2.0. Got a heap of painting to do over the week end to get done before the wall paper guy arrives on Monday. Best get the home decor done before I have anything to hide.

Most of all, much thanks in advance for all the help I'm sure I'll get, and thanks for all the great journals I'm thoroughly enjoying reading through.



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Hey LazyDays, very Inspiring intro and I commend your motives. I look forward to following your grow so feel free to start your own grow journal. Take advantage of all the experience and innovation of the growers here. They definitely make things a lot easier. Again welcome to :420:


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:welcome: to 420! After going through the same thing, searching and searching through forums for info I finally landed here at this awesome place! Every other place seemed to just be pi*sing contests between big headed growers or be secluded into tight clicks of people that weren't very receptive to newer growers. 420 mag is truly a unique place where ALL growers come together. Don`t hesitate to ask for input here, the "old timers" (truly perfected growers) are not only here to show off their talents but also to pass along tips and info. 420 mag. is what the cannabis community is really meant to be! :goodluck:

Teddy Edwards

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:welcome: Nice one, Lazy. If my experience here on 420 is anything to go by you'll get all the help - and intelligent support - you want. (And I've only been here a few days). Best of luck with it, mate.


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:welcome: LazyDays :high-five: great introduction, very :goodjob:

you chose the best site to learn, share and most importantly (to me), laugh while sharing & learning with new 420 friends.

Feel free to drop by my indoor/outdoor journal aka "my yard" and say hello, ask anything you'd like, see a cool plant,
hopefully, share something with us, or just share a comment.

You will get a warm 420 welcome and I'm always happy to have a new visitor or
participator. The link is below, take a peek at "Fluxy Lady in full restraint", browse around,
you may get a few laughs, you will see some unique pics and informative shares, from new first time growers to some veteran, experienced growers, from all over the world.

This grow style you can see thru the link below, has produced many award winning plants here at 420.

Enjoy the 420 family we have here, you'll find no better site!:circle-of-love:
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