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Hello from Northern Europe


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About me, and why I'm here.
I am here to learn and get inspired, to try to get a life without pills, and it's a pleasure to get plants to grow, no matter what kind it is.

So I've been using painkillers, (tramadol and other stuff) for the last 6 years due to multiple back injuries, nerve damage, arthritis in the neck, shoulder and hip (Total of 16 pills a day)
(Only 26 years left to retirement...)

Four months ago I've decided to try to grow cannabis. (I don't know anyone growing cannabis)
First two outdoor attempts failed, leaving dead plants, so now I'm trying indoor growing using 3 auto plants.
So far plants are alive living in buckets with water, nutrients and air stones.

My wishlist is a picklist from ebay/amazon on what to use to make a DIY top feed auto system.

Well that was the short story about me, perhaps I write more someday.



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Welcome Openmnd the more the merrier as they say, I would advise not telling anyone that you grow,very friendly folks here to help you along the journey,I`am not familiar with water and buckets as i grow in soil,there loads here that do though. regards


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Welcome to the 420 community. I too grow on the north pole. Growing inside will be the best choice you ever made
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