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Hello from Oregon!


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Hi All!

Just happened to stumble upon 420 magazine looking for some grow info and love what I see! What a great community and there is such a wealth of knowledge here!

I'm fairly new to growing, working on my fourth crop now! Just a small couple of plants sorta deal for me...enough for personal use and friends! Love to try out new varieties and strains! I have a huge interest in growing 100% organic from start to finish! No chemical fertilizers for me!!! Just plain Jane! :)
I'm very interested in discovering new ways and organic practices that can help increase my yields. Will be starting a journal on here soon to try to get helpful hints.



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Hey There, :welcome:
Great Information everywhere you turn Friend. :thumb:

Look for SouthernWeed's... Guano: A Gardener's Guide
Organic Growing - 420 Magazine

Today is your lucky day, You have found Heaven...420. :thumb:
No place like it, No better Members, No better information all here under one roof all for your researching. :surf:
If we can help you find some additional information about anything Please Ask.
Be sure to visit some of the grow journals and say hello to the Fantastic 420 Growers. :yummy:
Looking forward to sharing your grow with a Journal.
See you around this Wonderful Community.
Greenest Regards.


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Hi Funtogrow, :welcome:to the 420Magazine forums. :welcome:
Organics are great for taste and flavor, But IMHO chemicals give you a bigger yields. :yummy:
I'll be watching for your Grow journal.
If there's something we can help you find or have a question, contavt a member of the Hospitality Team.
I'll see around the forums.


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Hi ClozetGrl---

I love it when my fellow Oregonians say hi & share their info/knowledge with me. Glad u saw my post!


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Lol, The Oregon Tokers! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, Saturday Market is still going on under the Burnside Bridge. Keep in touch man, you seem like one cool dude!
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