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Hello from the himalayas


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In the middle of great himalayan range, lies a small, beautiful yet under developed nation called Nepal.

Since this forum is based on discussion about cannabis, i will skip the intro and jump to the desired section.

Cannabis was introduced in this region very long ago. Nepal was founded on hindu religion, and according to hinduism, the 'supreme god'/'God of the god' Shiva is the user of marijuana along with other poisonous herbs. Temple of Pashupatinath (one of the holiest Shiva temple) is located in the capital city. Every year on february, this temple hosts a festival to mark Shiva's birthday. Sadhus( Extreme follower of Shiva) from around the region flock to attend this festival. Large amount of marijuana is smoked every year in this festivals by both sadhus and non-sadhus.

Cannabis in any form was completely legal in Nepal till early 1970's. Nepal was famous as a hippie destination with people from all around the world travelling here to try authentic kush and purple haze grown wildly on the himalayas.
Nepal had to bow down to the world power and hence made it illegal to consume, sell or grow cannabis.

Since we have a history of cannabis consuming, it is still consumed at large. Nepal still is a prominent illegal supplier of cannabis products. People (like me) smoke without any fear of law. We might get caught if found smoking in public, but we are not hunted down by the cops like what the feds hunt growers and users in America.
Police sometimes destroy the hemp grown wild on the river banks. But that's just a publicity display, because those are just wild grown unusable weed.

I buy my stock(High THC Sinsinella buds) from countryside dealer located around 100 kms outside capital city. I don't know the exact weight but if i smoke two joints every day, NRS 500 ($6) worth of Ganja lasts a month.

Although Ganja is deeply related to our culture, the western influence has changed the attitude towards Ganja. People often bundle Ganja along with synthetic substances like H*roin,c*caine and other shits. I hope to change this viewpoint by demonstrating various benefits of Cannabis.

As I am an amateur write, please bear with my choppy writing. I hope I have introduced my region well in this post. Please feel free to contact me if you need any more information. I am ready to provide you with any ind of help if you plan to visit Nepal.

Jai Shambhu.
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Re: Hello from the himalayas.

i was in Nepal not that long ago and experienced the best hash and cheapest I will add, of my entire LIFE!!! It was amazing....not sure what you guys ar doing over there...but kee it up :)


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Re: Hello from the himalayas.

High nepalweed, :welcome: to 420 Magazine!

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Our members are some of the most knowledgable and the most helpful anywhere!

I think you're writing is excellent... especially considering you are not a native english speaker! :welldone: Thank you for educating us a little about your country!

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Thank you.
I apologize for including undesired words searchable through google.
I will use censorship from now onwards.
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