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Hello from West Virginia!


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Let me start by saying, I love growing my own medicine!! Come september i will be opiate free 2 years and my grow room, small it may be is my bat cave that helps keep me clean! im 47 married 3 kids dogs cats and other various critters. I have 2 1200 watt LEDs that light a 3 by 8 space that i have 24 1.5 gallon pots and am trying my first sea of green.....ever. Been growing about 4 years and do ok but always open to any helpfull advice.


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Opiate free for 2 years. Wow! Congratulations, man! That is awesome! One day at a time, brother.


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thanks every1!! ive been looking around the site and started reading som grow journals, and am looking foreward to doing one. And 1 day at a time is how i stay clean and ironicly how my plants grow......hmmmmm lol


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Welcome and congratulations on being opiate free! Been there, 1 year on the stuff was enough for a life time! Stay strong! Have a bowl of nature's bounty!


Then a doob!


Happy growing!
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