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Hello Hello, First Time Grower


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Hello All!

I am a first time grower and I have started a grow journal in the respective sub-forum. I wanted to introduce myself further and let you all know how excited I am to learn how to be a more effective grower.

It has been a month-long journey trying to get back to that moment of awe I had when I attempted to grow some bag seed and saw that it was able to sprout in some coco fiber and grow new sets of leaves only to kill it in a desert like grow tent environment. As I learn not to over-care for my plants but also monitor it's environment I learn to be a more effective plant grower. I am worried about the one leaf being very yellow but I think it's because I had my light cranked by accident.

I've got my tent at 23-25 Celsius and 60-70% humidity. I'll post a pic of my little plant guy(girl) and if you are interested in learning more about my set-up and following my journey as I continue to grow this Bubba Kush, please check out my other post in The Grow Room - Grow Journal sub-forum. Another side note, please feel free to share any advice or tips. I am here to learn and share!



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welcome to the forum @corytheghost
You can copy the link of your journal and past it in your signature. This will help you get notified by the members.
The signature is in the black menu where your name is written


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Hello PK1 and mrking!

Thank you for welcoming me. I was just reading your First time growing thread earlier today.

I'm excited to learn how to take care of my plants. I have a Preciva PH tester and some distilled water that I am going to use to measure the Ph of the water I give my plant. I'm just unsure how to take care of it and use it precisely. Going to look into Ph Meter best practices.

I got the signature down I think as well, appreciate the callout @PK1


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