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Hi everyone,

First, sorry for my mistakes. My english level is not very good.

I am really happy to be here. I hope to meet nice people and of course cannabis lovers and connoisseurs.

I am a cannabis lover, grower, smoker and eater. I grow since 2003 and i use medical cannabis since 1999. I was high times judge in 2005 (18th) and 2006 (19th). My favorite seed company are THseeds and DNA.

When i don't use my own cannabis i smoke cannabis from best coffee shop (grey aera, barney's, dampkring, GH...).

I have never been in USA but i really want to go. First for the country and second for smoke great american pot!

Have great times.


Matanuska Valley

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Welcome to 420Magazine. I hope you enjoy your stroll around the forums.

MV... :popcorn:


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Hi Matanuska. Thank you for your home.
You come from Alaska, it's crasy, fantastic land in my mind... and i think electricity+Alaska climate=great results!!


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:welcome:Milon, to the 420Mag Family. We are here to spread Cannabis Awareness across the globe. We provide the most comprehensive up to the minute Cannabis News worldwide, so you know all the facts. I will provide some links that will keep you well informed on late breaking news across the world. We also have Legal Medical Marijuana Gardens that will blow your mind. 420Mag has members from around the world who count on us, and the friendships forged here to get the truth about Cannabis.
Why not :surf: https://www.420magazine.com/forums/ and tell us what you think? If there is anything we can assist you with just say the word. Have a great and safe time, see you on the boards.
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