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Hello! I'm a novice grower excited to expand my knowledge!

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Hello 420magazine.com!

My name is Max Brainerd, I have lived in Colorado my entire life, and I am certain that I was put on this planet to live here. On top of everything this beautiful state has to offer me, Marijuana is now legal...... Haha that's all I'll share about myself, however if you want to learn more feel free to visit my profile!

I am excited to begin meeting fellow growers on this website, almost as excited as I am to learn and expand my skills with all of my fellow growers! Unfortunately I will not be able to start my first journal until early to mid august when I am returning to Colorado for school, (currently in Georgia for the summer, I hate illegal states), however I am extremely excited to meet new people and see what everyone here has to offer!

I have already learned so much from stalking this forum, I figured it was time to make an account and start involving myself. Anyways, I am excited to be here and I don't see myself leaving anytime soon!!

Max Brainerd (MaxYields)

CO Finest

Plant of the Month: May 2014 - Member of the Month: July 2014
Sweet another Mile High grower. Great to see you here on 420mag. That's some good time to plan out your grow and find more info before you get back out here. Wish you the best and do not forget to place your votes every month for the three 420mag contest and maybe soon we will be voting for you.420 Contests


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:welcome: Max Brainerd :high-five: you chose the best site to learn, share and most importantly (to me),

laugh while sharing & learning with 420 friends,

lots of CO growers here, a welcome gift for you, try this :48:

Feel free to drop by my indoor/outdoor journal aka "my yard" and say hello,

ask anything you'd like, see a cool plant & hopefully,

share something with me, a comment is a great place to start.

I'm always happy to have a new friend, watcher or

participator. The link is below, take a peek at "Fluxy Lady restrained", browse around, you'll see some

unique pics and informative shares, from new first time growers to some veterans, from all over the world.

This grow style you can see thru the link below, has produced many award winning plants here at 420.

Enjoy the 420 family we have here, you'll find no members like 420ers',

all conjoined, into one big :circle-of-love:


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We would like to :welcome: MaxYields to :420:. We are glad that you are here. With a tan rumpled raincoat you would look like Peter Falk (Columbo). I want to extend the right hand of fellowship to a fellow member of the wonderful state of Colorado. Growing is very fun for most of us. It does get a tiny bit frustrating at the times when our darlings are not feeling well though. New Member Start Links has some links that you may find to be very interesting and helpful. I agree with CO Finest in that you will have plenty of time to make a great game plan for your future grow. It will be good to watch your journal when you make one. Look around and if you have questions then the Frequently Asked Questions is a great place to look for answers or to ask questions. I hope that your summer goes well. :peace: :Namaste:
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