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Hello everyone! :Namaste:

My name is Laurien, pronounced like DeLorean without the "duh," and I am a Massachusetts native living in Missouri — hoping to see cannabis legalization happen here in 2016!

I'm a recent college grad, aspiring War on Drugs watchdog, and Mid-MO NORML board member.

Sometimes I dabble with burlesque and cosplay. :love:

In my spare time, I make dreamcatchers.

I love talking to people, so please don't be a stranger! :peace:

— Laurien


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:welcome: Laurien to the number 1 site on the web for cannabis awareness!
Hope all is well in your world.
There are links below in my signature that you may find useful.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your understanding and support, we are truly grateful.

Greenest Regards,
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