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Hello, I'm new here

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Hello, I'm fairly new here. I'm Mr. Kindbud. I pretty new to the marijuana scene, but I have smoked many times. I'm looking for people who share my interest in smoking and advice on marijuana-based topics. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
mr. kindbud how are you? :welcome:
Well, you found the right place...420. :thumb:
420 is all things Cannabis/Hemp.
You looking for any Special info?
Or just here to meet Wonderful People like yourself and Help 420 Spread Cannabis Awareness.
Please Continue to Research, There is so much awesome Information anywhere you turn here.
Again any Questions, We are here to listen, help and Educate.
So Enjoy and See you around Friend. :peace:

It's your hit ... :joint: ;)
Hi mr.kindbud, :welcome: to the 420Magazine forums.
Enjoy this friendly 420 site. :rollit:
Accually the friendliest 420 site. :439:
Don't be shy here.
I'll see you in the forums.