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Hello, I'm uPla


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It's good to be here. I feel surrounded by the warmth of chronic ecstasy. I'm sure I'll run into some of you in person some day. I was shone how to grow the medicinal herb by a young fellow recently. I am very grateful.
I have an initial question concerning using collected rain water to water plants. Should I still be measuring the pH of this water? I've done some research but perhaps someone has the experience already.
Thank you so much.
There is a chance I may be scribbling potential song lyrics here from time to time. :peace:


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Good to have you, and I look forward to those potential song lyrics!



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:welcome:Great to have you here! Like most things in life, I doubt if there's any real consistency with the ph of rain water either. lol I may be wrong but I would say it could never hurt to test the ph.... bunches of those test strips for real cheap. :) Let's here your tunes!! Take care. :peace:

devils letuce

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hey :welcome: to :420:

you picked a great site to become a member of .
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