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My name is Michelle, I live in SoCal and I have been growing (Greenhouse) for about 14 yrs. I grow completely organic and even though I have been doing it awhile, I still have a ton to learn! That's why I'm here. I am just about to start an indoor grow with LED lights for the first time! Definitely will need advice from those forums!
I own a company called Wake N Bake Medibles. I spent most of this year doing HempCon and other events, selling my Indica infused raw honey. I also own a new Collective called The Bionosphere and will launch my mobile dispensary service on Jan. 2! My collective focuses heavily on medical benefits of cannabis. I'm a Desert Storm vet. that started using MMJ for my PTSD and neurological issues and I want to help other vets gain access to MMJ so it can improve their quality of life, as it has mine. :Namaste:


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Welcome Michelle to 420,
Glad to hear you are having success with the PTSD and using your experience to help others. Sorry I missed you on Veterans day, but being the father of a vet , every day is veterans day for me. Thank you for your service.
Looking forward to seeing your grows and hearing some of your stories about how you got started.
By the way I am Ed but everyone here calls me OG
If you ever get stuck or need help just ask and everyone will rally to your aid, that is what we do here.
Catch up with you in the playgrounds.
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