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Hello need advice


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Hi im new to growing and am going to attempt my first medical out door grow but have a few questions .

1. how deep and wide should i dig my holes and what kind of soil do i use to fill them ?

2. how often do i water and do i have to add any nutes to the water or mix it in the soil instead ?

3. how far apart shld i space them ?

kinda brain farting here as for other questions so ill post them after i get these answers if i can think of them lol..

also any advice tips and tricks are welcomed i am keen to learn and cant wait till the snow is gone :51:

edit: i was thinking of using a soil adding some nutes to it and watering with molasses only and maybe add some bloom in the last month of flowering with the molasses feedings is this enough or am i gonna be lacking in any thing ?


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Cool thanks for the advice !!!!!1
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