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Hello, I am stationed in Florida but must wait until the 2016 ballot in order to operate legally in Florida under local law. From what I understand all marijuana activity is illegal under federal law, so I essence am I creating a business that is illegal, and being paid to take the risk. Help point me in the right direction I feel I am being naïve to law, I am really interested in this aspect of the marijuana market.

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Learn to grow before you worry about dealing, which is a very bad idea anyway, to me it's just not worth the risk, just be careful no matter what you decide, Florida has some of the strictest rules in the country, is 20 years behind bars worth it?:welcome:


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spend your money and talk to/retain a lawyer.

what is this 16 you are talking about?? I have a friend who moved to central florida last year,built 2 warehouses,they sit and wait,its ready to run,but he has no start date.

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