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Hello. I just started growing 3 days ago. I bought some seeds because I am in pain management and the pills don't work and I am too old for buying drugs on the street. I planted 3 seeds and all 3 sprouted today. I have them in those coconut coir disks in a dome. Now do I keep them in the dome or do I take the dome off? Do I transplant into coir or soil? Can I use cool white fluorescents because the emit all light or do I absolutely have to start with MH's and switch to HPS's? Every tutorial I read has conflicting reports and the more I read, the more confused I get. Thanks for any help. Here is a pic of my babies Day old babies - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery


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You can take the dome off.

Wait till you get at least the first set of true leaves before transplanting, if they show no signs of deficiencies you can wait till the third set of true leaves appear. Alternatively you can check for root development and when it is robust enough transplant then.

You need to decide if you are going to grow in soil or coir, both have benefits. And either will work. If you grow in coir you will need to add nutrients with your watering schedule. If you use soil you will need good soil with enough NPK and of course the micro nutrients for the whole grow or you will have to supplement the soil with amendments or add nutrients with your watering schedule.

Use daylight bulbs if you can find them, if not cool whites will suffice, and of course MH is much better then either of the other 2. If you go directly to MH bulbs, start with the bulb about 3 feet above the plants(for 600 watt MH) and move down a 4-6 inches daily until the light is slightly warm on your hand when your hand is the same level as the top of the plant. Do not forget a fan for air circulation in the room.
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