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Hello to everyone


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An especially big hello to :Namaste: and everyone involved in the 3oow led vs. 400w hid demo done back in '09....
I lost a lot of sleep staying up all night 3 nights in a row reading that comparison, but the info i got from it was very informative, and worth every minute of sleep I lost, can't wait to find more posts of that nature. I'm sure I will end up losing a lot more sleep having found 420 mag Forum. I'm not new to growing, but haven't had a garden for something like twelve yrs now, back then I had friends who would hook me up with clones, never bought any seeds... now I live in a different state and am gearing up to start a new garden, but I need to order seeds are there any safe and reliable seed shops to order from? thanx in advance for any info given on this without some awesome strain there is no point.:peace:
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