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I've been here for a wile just sitting back and reading. Not sure how wise it is to post and be active here. If i seem vauge or stand-offish it is mearly a means of self presrvation. I am not computer savy nor will i claim to be. I still don't trust tech. Or our public servants! With that said i will share a little about my self.
I am in my fourth decade of life.
I have shared my journy for 25+ years with my partner(She is the greatest)
I am a father of two beautiful people.
I was a warrior for 11 years and served the country i love.
I run my own company and have for 14 years.
My soul has softened and I have become moor tollerant over the years.
Many have mistaken my kindness for weakness to their demise.
I don't believe NJ is a drug, Just a under explored med that would put the pharmasuidical companys in financial turmoil.
It was a way for me in my youth to deal with alcoholic and abusive parrents, latter in life it has become a med to help me deal with pain of a abused and neglected body.
I never sell what i grow. NEVER! My friends all know all they have to do is ask. My rules are very simple. I give to them and it is to be shared. Not so much as a roach is to be charged for. Absolutly NO KIDS! They will find it someware other than my kind.
I have read and applied many of the techniques some good some great. I am looking forward to being friendly with many of you.

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:welcome: to the 420Mag Family. We are here to spread Cannabis Awareness across the globe. We provide the most comprehensive up to the minute Cannabis News worldwide, so you know all the facts. I will provide some links that will keep you well informed on late breaking news across the world. We also have Legal Medical Marijuana Gardens that will blow your mind. 420Mag has members from around the world who count on us, and the friendships forged here to get the truth about Cannabis.
Why not :surf: https://www.420magazine.com/forums/ and tell us what you think? If there is anything we can assist you with just say the word. Have a great and safe time, see you on the boards.
Here you grow:
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BTW: Blue we are extremely secure and 420% Legal. 420Mag has been in operation since 1993 in full accordance with State and Federal Law never having been shut down. I myself am a Medical Patient and Caregiver. It's all good my friend if you have any questions please feel free to ask. We are here to help. Please enjoy Our Forums and my links.

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Thanks Wing Man
You really made me feel welcome. I don't post many questions not because i know everything, The answers are already in the forms. I read a lot. Listen well and speak when i have something of value to say.

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welcome blue sky.........

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Just started a grow journal but cant find it. I uploaded pics but cant find my journal. HELP.
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