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Jim Horn

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My name is Jim and I am glad, happy, content, proud, satisfied, surprised, elated, shocked beyond belief that after some 44 years (out of 65) of watching ignorance, suspicion and harassment, marijuana is finally being used accepted and studied in a positive manner. I am one of the followers of the teachings of the "Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers", Don Juan, Ken Kesey and last but not least the greatest revolution in music and thought in one decade.

Memories of nights filled with paranoia, having money but no dope and then suddenly dope with no money and the realization of which state of being was the most palatable, have been replaced by the present where MJ has survived the onslaught of time and triumphed.

I am still here and continue to be a part of the counter-culture that was the 60's.

Thanks belongs to all of us, the past, present and future, the seedlings and plants that have given so much to the true understanding of the power of agriculture in our mundane lives. The relief from pain and sadly the future battles against those who would deny life free of pain and suffering.

This one plant has brought so much to the entire life cycle- birth, growth and ageing. This green growing thing we owe for our joys our success's our continued health. I say 'Live long and prosper"

Thank you, Thank you very much...

Jim Horn

Matanuska Valley

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MV... ;)
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