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Hello Fellow Smokers:

I have a question. I read somewhere that smoking thins your blood....is that true?

I am going for surgery next month and the proceedure is through a femoral artery by my groin.

I've been smoking for years, should I be concerned enough to stop until after surgery?


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LOL... never heard that one before!

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:welcome:I'm not aware of any reports that marijuana will thin your blood, (by thinning I'm assuming you mean act as an anti-coagulant) but many other prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements are known to interact with blood thinning medications, which can make your blood either too thick or too thin.

Your doctor can order a blood test called a PT/INR to see how your blood is clotting if he/she or you are really concerned, but I don't think you have to worry.

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